Please help find a doll to match this baby

Hi all, this is a baby that i need to find a match for. She is the grandaughter of my husbands good friend. He would love to have a reborn of her. If you have any ideas, on a doll that could be a good match please let me know, Thanks DEE

how about… jacky or tessa by didy jacobsen or jordan by adrie stoete or maya by reva schick ?

Thanks so much for your help. I’m having the hardest time finding, RDK Solares-Jordon by Adrie Stoete-and Maya by Reva Shick . HELP PLEASE, DEE

What do you all think about this opened eyed one? She is Vanessa by adrie stoete at irresistables. DEE

Any more ideas? How about Vanessa by Adrie Stoete. DEE

I would still like to know if there are more ideas, thanks DEE