Please help! Are these kits fake?

I ordered a few kits from an artist who is retiring. She said she she did not have any of the paperwork/COAs and she showed pictures of the markings on the kit necks. I thought that meant they were legit but now I’m worried maybe they are not. I have been comparing the markings to any legit kit pics I’ve found online and they all seem to match exactly but I’m still sick thinking I may have purchased fakes. Do any of you still have these kits to compare the markings? Stella by Melody Hess, Miley and Romilly by Cassie Brace.

The markings look correct to me. I don’t have the kits to compare, but I am not aware of any Hess kits being copied. Who was the seller? Respected artist?


Thank you! That makes me feel a little better. I’m not sure if she’s well known or not, I did a name search on here to check for any known issues and nothing came up for her so I guess that’s a good sign.

I don’t have any of those kits to look at markings, but would maybe be concerned about Romilly with no COA, I’ve seen several videos and posts about Romilly on Aliex and Amazon, they come with the correct neck and JD flange markings. So without a COA or receipt from where she got it there would really be no way to tell.


I wonder if those pictures are taken using the real kits but then the knock offs are what they actually send. Are the scammers really able to copy the neck markings that exact? I wish there was a way to get kits reviewed for authentication when they don’t have a COA.


I just looked that one up, but the first one I saw was an aliexpress box opening of the kit. It was a while back, on YouTube. But at the time I still had a Romilly kit to compare and was shocked that all the markings were so exact. Normally even if the fakes have the name on the back of the neck the flange markings are different. This one really looks like they got the exact mold somehow. Romilly is the only one I’ve ever seen where everything is 100% the same. I think if the others are legit Romilly probably is also, but it would be something customers would be worried about.


Now days unless you are planning to keep the kits I would not purchase kits without COA to sell. Buyers are wary and the Doll community will crucify you if it turns out to be a fake. I have one kit in my possession here with no COA- It is Ducklin and I have traced him back to Katina here who sold him to the person here who sold him to the other person here I got him from. LMBO! I have had him over a year now and had planned to reborn him to keep. I may end up selling the finished baby but after him I will not purchase any more without COAs because it has become such a bigger issue that it is hard to recognize the copies.


I don’t collect I only sell so now I’m debating if I just take the loss and throw them away or paint them to sell. Grr… oh well you live and learn I guess. I certainly won’t buy anymore without COAs since you just can’t tell anymore.


I would not be as worried about Stella as I don’t think she has been copied. She is a peachy vinyl too so that is a good sign. I think all the China copies are that bland vanilla vinyl.

Maybe go back and ask her to send you a copy of the invoice where she bought them or a screen shot of the purchase online?


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Maybe @Katinafleming can find his COA?

The copied kits are said to have a smaller circumference head.

Anyone have any to measure?

Nope. I’ve looked for it and it’s not with my other certificates.

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Head circumference is about 12.5”

Thank you!! Mine measures exactly the same.

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