Please cheer on Cameron. :) Now on Ebay

Ok so…Cameron was supposed to be my keeper baby…
but the fact is that with my Cerebral Palsy I need the money more than the doll.
I live alone and I cant drive…so everywhere I go is within walking distance…the problem is that I am in Georgia and its hotter than satans farts here…
So I am trying to get the money to buy myself an electric scooter.

Anway, please cheer on Cameron and share his auction so hopefully he gets a new mommy soon!

thanks! … :MESELX:IT

Best of luck on the sale hes a beauty

hehehe, Hotter than Satans farts…yep it makes me giggle too but I figured it was a pretty good description. LOL

the state wont provide me with a chair because I can walk around my houise…In order to qualify for a chair I have to be completely unable to walk.