Please be careful if you have any dealings with this woman

Ladies, I recently had some huge problems with Suzianne Goodrich of . she contracted with me to paint the AA Lorena may sculpt that I showed here on the forum. She told me that she wanted me to only paint this baby as it was going to be used as a teaching tool for her. I lowered my price because of this. I remember what it was like when I first started so I wanted to help her. I sent work in progress photos and then the completed photos. Suzianne took these photos and sent them to one of her customers claiming that the baby that I painted was the custom order that she was doing for this lady. Luckily the client was on a forum in which I had posted the photos and she immediately contacted me when Suzianne did this. I contacted Suzianne privately and she lied to me about it and said that she did not say that this was her baby only that this is what her baby could look like. I again tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and even offered advice on stripping the kit and helping her paint it. The customer then sent me all of the emails. Suzianne did in fact try to steal my work as her own. From what I have now been told this is not the first time that she has done this. I just wanted to make everyone aware of this situation in case she tries to do it to you also. I also advise that everyone take a look at her website to make sure none of your photos are being used there. I have been told she uses them in Auctions also. I am sorry to have to bring this to the board but I want everyone to be aware of this problem. Hugs Debbie

Thank you for letting us know about her!!!

Oh my goodness! How can someone do that? That’s terrible. That’s probably why she didn’t want to doll completed. That way she can add her own bit to it and call it hers. What a scam!!

I just went to her site to have a look. She has some pretty babies but now I have to wonder who really painted them?

look at her recently adopted page and then visit the adopted baby page. There is no way that this is the same artist doing both of the babies on both of those pages

Thanks for posting this here, Debra. I read about it on dollfan and am still shocked that people can be so horrible!!

Ladies, start watermarking every photo of everything you do! That is the only way to keep the dishonest people out there from claiming your work as theirs. If you don’t know how to watermark,

Granted, I’ve only done one baby so far but I can imagine at first my style will change a bit as I perfect things, but I also know that as I do them, I will settle into my own style. The photos of the babies she’s claimed to have made so far differ so greatly, they have to be done by different artists.

I have been meaning to ask, I also read about this on DF, Is this the same girl who was going to make a reborn for the Duggers?

You’ve GOT to be kidding? Seriously for the Duggars?
OMG what else has Suzianne been trying to catch the shirt-tails on?

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You’ve GOT to be kidding? Seriously for the Duggars?
OMG what else has Suzianne been trying to catch the shirt-tails on?

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No I did not say Suzianne did this , I was asking if she was the one

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No, she isn’t the one that was making the doll for the Duggar’s.

She isn’t even a woman, she is a 15 year old CHILD. It is horrible what she has done and I am so glad she was caught and stopped this time. I am sure she will lay low for a couple of months and resurface on a different forum, so the best thing to do is spread the word.

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The person making the doll for the Duggers was young also but not sure who it was

She may be 15 years old but her claim of doing 100 babies must be false then. As we know, she already has been caught stealing someone else’s work so I don’t believe this time was the first time. IF she is 15, where is she getting all the money for this art? I know how expensive it is just to get started, let alone to continue and even selling 1 baby would not pay for start up costs, etc.

This may be her new seller name, as this person is from the same State and City as Suzianne even thou the acct was opened last yr, she only has 6 feedback. Im not saying its her but it could be , It is her, if you right click on some of her pictures it shows her photobucket acct

If she is 15, legally she cannot have an ebay or paypal account. If she is using her parent’s accounts, then they are ultimately responsible for her. I would never allow my child to steal from someone for any reason! Guess some parents are dishonest people themselves.