PLBD Hair Painting DVD

Does anyone know of a place these are available to purchase. I have been looking for over a year for this DVD. Does anyone have one they want to sell?


They don’t have any in stock and i check pretty often.

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I’ve been looking for it too and I’ve only ever seen it pop up here and on eBay for sale and it sells faster than you can gasp :frowning:

@46and2 Thank you so much for the info!!! I just ordered and I swear I won’t believe it until it arrives. I am SOOOOOO excited!
Thanks again =)

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how about dolls by sandy

Is it worth buying? I have also wanted it FOREVER! Advice please!:heart:

Did you buy the advanced???

I was finally able to order it today from MacPhersons. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive something from there?

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I have only ordered from there once and it took almost 2 weeks to get my stuff delivered to my door.

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