Play about Reborning!

The San Francisco playhouse is doing a play about Reborning -it is called Reborning and is about a Reborn artist who is commisioned to do a custom baby for a lady who she later begins to suspect is her real Mother who gave her up at birth-WE have been ask to come and sit in on a dress rehursel and see if anything they are doing is incorrect or would be offensive to Reborn artists -They may also want Stef and I to do a baby for them that looks like the Actress in the play -I should be hearing back today about when they want us to come-It well be running during the IRDA conference so attendees could also go to the play -take some babies and just have a fun nite out!!!
Anyway sounds Kinda Fun!!!

I never would have thought reborning would be material for such an event, but… You will have to keep us posted. It will be interesting to hear how they actually developed a story.

Wow - how unique. It sure does sound like fun (especially if you get the job)! Good luck and YES let us know everything.


We well be meeting with the main Actress tomarrow and well see what happens from there!!
SF is a good two hrs from my house and we need to be there at 5:30 -The stage run starts at 8:30 till about 10:00 so I may never get home and to bed!!!LOL

wow thats really cool!!

We are meeting the actress and PR manager today in SF at 5:30 and then well sit in on the first dry run-They want us to bring Babies and well likely use Suger in the play!!! Stef and I well just have her finished in time -still have to weight and stuff the body and before that a matt varnise coat (GHS)-Wow we must love working under pressure

All I can say is W O W !!!

Hope you get swamped with baby orders.


That is just WAY cool. I bet it was something to really be respected for the artwork you do. I can only imagine how amazing an expereince it was. Congrats!!