Plastic ties putting babies together

Do you prefer to put the arm …legs and head plastic pieces in.Or just connect the baby.Im thinking the babies hands and feet will be to wobbly.

Do you mean the plastic cable ties? I prefer them over string; I never feel like I get the strings tight enough.


Yes do you cutgthem

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You can cut them with fingernail clippers after you’ve tightened them or you can push them back through…


I cut the excess off close to the head of the tie with toenail clippers (they’re a little bigger than fingernail clippers) after I’ve tightened them. If you want the head and limbs to move easily, pull the tie just a little at a time when you get close to the neck or cap. It’s really easy to get them too tight. I tuck the head of the tie into the fabric. I also put super glue in the grooves of the head and limbs. It makes them turn more easily. Just make sure it’s really dry, or they’ll never move again! lol


Tha KS boo

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