Omg Pixie by Bonnie brown is so so precious. She just came in the mail an omg she is so adorable. Came with this tiny tummy plate an the limbs are so cute . Her little face with the big ears. I’m in love with this kit. Does anyone know what size body this kit takes? Has anyone done this kit an if so can I see pictures. I think this kit is just to cute. Gonna have to move her to the front of the line to reborn. I have way to many kits going right now. I put a few aside to make Irelyn,Lane, Molly. So those 3 plus harley, Presley, fluer an im rooting Owen in between layers. Oh an Kaelin. lol I need to stop. I have so many kits I wanna make them all lol im not fast enough yet!!!

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@lollipop_cradle might be able to help you out. She recently posted in For Sale/Wanted photos of her Pixie Joy… very cute sculpt.

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Oh yes. Pixie is a darling and such a joy to bring to life. McPherson has a body made special for pixie. That’s what I used.

I don’t keep a large stash. I get overwhelmed and want to do them all FIRST. Hehehe!