Pix included...Baby looks ashy after vanishing and after baking like 3x

Soooo, someone help before I ask Dr Google. I used matte and thinning medium mix and bakes 3x and this is the aftermath. How can I fix this? Pls and thank you in advance. I watched CustomDollBaby’s video but it’s if it get ashy BEFORE baking. I saw someone write in the video comments that they painted one more skintone layer and it looked good. I don’t want to mess her up. Pls and thanks again.

That’s the video that I watched but it was for before baking and I already baked her. :hushed:

Are you using a NuWave oven? Do you have a thermometer in there, making sure the temp is correct while baking?

I don’t mix matte with thinning medium, just with thinner. I use Mona Lisa thinner; never had a problem.

Just throwing some ideas out there, I know you must be sooooo frustrated! Hopefully someone comes along with more info. Sorry you’re dealing with this!


Thanks!! I’m going to try the thinner with my next baby. I actually toned down the dryness by rubbing some paint thinner on her. I’m going to put one thin skin layer and bake and hopefully it’s 100% gone.