Pip Brace

Did anyone preorder Pip? I keep going back and forth on her. At first I didn’t like her but she’s really growing on me!


The opposite happened for me, I really like her but then went off her so haven’t ordered her. I’m really not feeling any at the minute though so maybe it’s me :joy:

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I think she’s adorable!

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I didn’t preorder but I love her.:two_hearts:

I did, I think she/he is adorable :heart_eyes:

I was the same with Maddie Brown and guess what ? I started reborning the second Maddie


I just ordered a Maddie and a Rosalie to paint for Rose! I guess I better put Pip in the cart too :sweat_smile:


Love her!! Preordered 2 of her

I didn’t like him at all in the clay version. But then came the prototypes. The more I see, the more I like. I already have too many kits. So I’m trying to resist this one. :grimacing:

She’s cute, but hasn’t grown on me at all. Has a sad look.

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I preodered, and I was the same way…it took me awhile, before she went on preorder, to decide I wanted her and now one of my customers wants her for a custom :wink:


I’m actually finding that I’m not flipping out about any kits lately. :woman_shrugging:Which is good. I have enough.