I am shocked to see that some of my babies have pinned on Pinterest. That is insane. Lol You all should go check… You might find your babies!

As an aside, anyone know what BB body Sarah Sanchis would use? I’m thinking the Summer Rain body, but am not sure.


I did a Google search of my nursery, and was shocked at how many images came up… images that I don’t even remember posting, then saw that some were linked to Pinterest. So quite by accident is how I found it, @neises_nursery.

I actually just went straight to Pinterest and typed in my nursery name to see what would happen. Found even more than I knew… so this way is probably easier.


I know you can link to pinterest from the images on Maybe that is what people have done. I do it to mine and put them in a folder over there.

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Why? @jlesser Does this help you organize in any way?

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Maybe. lol
I already keep lists of competed babies, and kits, etc.

You are obviously WAY more organized than I am. I’m kind of hoping some will rub off on me. :grin:

As far as the babies go, I always feel surprised when one sells, so regardless of the reasons, I was shocked to see them on Pinterest. There are tons of artists and a sea of babies…I’m grateful for the fact that anyone bothered to look twice at mine.


I know when I search on Pinterest, the reason I pin photos of reborn dolls is because I really liked some feature and want to use the photo as inspiration/guidance when I get ready to work on a kit - skin tone, details, hair, etc. I find a lot of photos on Facebook that I really like and would love to use as reference, but out of respect for the artist I won’t pin any of those photos. Too many dishonest people swipe those kind of pictures and try to pass them off as their own.