Pictures of Ophelia by Reva Schick

Has anyone finished a Ophelia by Reva Schick? Can you post your pictures I think she looks like my son but I don’t know about her eyes if I like them. I don’t know if I want to pay 90.00 for her kit.

I don’t have her but I can tell you some kits are worth the extra money.

I still think he looks more like Ophelia, but if you’re looking for bigger eyes, Indra Awake by Reva Schick may work as well :slight_smile: I haven’t painted either of them, though.

Lisa I agree with you but I don’t think Ophelia is very popular. I don’t mind if it is not popular because I am going to keep the doll but I’m afraid that the eyes might be weird on the kit and that the pictures are not showing it. That’s why I wanted to see other peoples work.I have bought kits in the past that I thought were really cute and when I got the kit they were ugly or way smaller then the picture showed. so I guess I am just scared. I did like Indra but her head is too small Ophelia has a big head like 15 inch and my son had a big head. I have time to start a new doll so I will keep checking ebay to see if I can fine it cheaper. Or maybe Macpherson will put it on sale. Thanks for your help I will keep you posted on what I decide to do.:slight_smile:

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