Pictures from smartphone

Ok guys, I am by far not tech savvy. I have not figured out how to post photos on the new forum with my smart phone. I don’t have access to internet from my computer as It’s internet driver uninstalled themselves a few months ago ugh! Help please! Thank you!

From the phone, when you hit reply or making a topic you will see upload on the bottom right of the screen. Click on that and you can upload a pic from your phone.

Thanks! I’ll try again…



Ahhh it worked!

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nice feet - great color!

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Thank you Pia!

I have a resizing app on my phone. One worked well but now isn’t and the new one distorted them,sigh. Look on app store to see if there’s one that will work for you. It has you select an image and then a just the size

What us wrong with me. Are my pictures too big. I just can’t se to get this to work.

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Never mind it worked finally. I’m slow at this tech stuff. Good thing I know how to paint huh?

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Even if I can’t spell correctly. :smile:

pictures look great and your feet are darling!

Please, Beth, tell me your feet belong to a real baby before I go dump all my paints! I love baby feet and yours look great, Blissfulbabies, but those peeling toes just look real …and like they need some lotion!

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I agree…first thing tomorrow I’m going to try duplicating the “peeling feet” look on my test baby. IBeth…if you’ve already mastered that throw me a hint.

I’ve only mastered the peeling foot look three times…on my three kids :smile:


Same here.