Pics of your favorite type of outfits

I have a lady making some outfits for me.
She is hoping to get some more orders.
So i thought i would ask what type of stuff you all would be interested in and price ranges.

I found this outfit picture on etsy and fell in love with it so she is going to make me one similar but a little more modern for a bigger reborn .


That’s cute.

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Very cute outfit. I like vintage dresses for girls and and dressy rompers for boys.

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Oh, that’s a cute outfit. I love the animator dolls!
I think for handmade items, a lot of people would like classic/vintage looking clothing.

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I know i just fell in love with it. even the baby doll lol.

I am drawn to that type a lot too but i thought it was just me since i am getting older.

Well, I’m 27 and love it, so don’t think it has anything to do with age, haha.

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Im in love with doll and outfit :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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lol i guess im not quite over the hill yet then lol .