Pics of nod dressed

i dressed nod up and put a small wig just under his hat , hes not painted or anything just wanted to see what he would look like with hair. i think he will reborn fine. JMO marlene

right now its a preemie sleeper that my daughter had from one of the grandkids that was a preemie he is 16 inches so its hard to get clothes i think they say carters have small clothes but i havent checked yet marlene

Carter’s doesn’t run that small. Regular Preemie sized clothing should work, though. At least he doesn’t take micro-preemie size!

He looks to be the size of Dakota from the way he fits those clothes. Are his hands that large, or is it camera angle?


his hands are both clenched but i think its the angle of which i took the pics that make them look big but they really are in proportion to his body. hope this helps/