Pic heavy* My first baby!



I might switch out the body…it seems to big for the head, in my opinion

Adorable !! I think u did a great job !!

He’s cute. I love his little freckles.

Very nice first baby. Way better than mine was. :grin:

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Adorable, love the hair color

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Wowza! That’s an amazing first baby! So much detail and the coloring is great!

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You did such a great job!!

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Adorable baby, you did an amazing job!

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Thanks so much! I can see a bunch of things I could have done differently, but overall I’m very pleased. I modeled him after my yo7ngest son (he’s now 20 yrs old).

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That’s a regular BB body. I recognize those bulging biceps and barrel chest. Realborn body 416 would be a much better fit. The thighs on this kit are long enough to put it on a full leg body.

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That’s an amazing first baby for sure!! It’s awesome!!

You did great! I’m a little jealous :open_mouth:

Beautiful :blush:

Great job!
Love all the details.

Yes, barrel chested…definitely. That’s the body recommended for the head. Uggh

I will get the 416 (just placed an order 3 days ago)

I appreciate your help! Ty!

Beautiful Job!!! You should be proud of him.


You did a great job! I love him!

That’s a beautiful first baby! :blue_heart: