Photos of Patience

I am interested in seeing your Patience babies, especially, the eyes. I want her face to have a softer look. Have any of you used the eyes with the bigger pupils? Does she look better with darker eyes? Thank you! :blush:

So this is mine and she’s got blue eyes because to me the dark brown seemed to change her face, but I bet the light brown would also look good. Would love to see her when you’re finished.

Sorry here’s the picture


Have you seen these from @Lisa ?

:footprints: :baby: :baby: Hope this helps.


Thanks! I had gotten Eyeco chuck hazel but I think she looks a little stare-ey. I’m thinking of trying either their larger pupil eyes or trying the darker blue glass eyes with the larger pupil… I will just have to see as I paint her and her skin tone develops…

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Definitely will. Not much to look at yet. Just a round of primaries. Tomorrow onto the mottling- yay!

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Did you use the recommended size? She’s really cute :purple_heart:

I got a few pics to look at by searching on Pinterest but not many. I’m going to look on Reborns

I think I sized up on her eyes.

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Everybody has made such beautiful babies. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here is one I made my mom a few years ago.


I used the size eyes that the kit called for, here from BB in the newborn grey color, but found that if you offset her eyes just a bit, they look more natural and have less of a “staring” look. I turned them in just the teeniest bit and made sure they weren’t perfectly squared up with one another. i.e. The one on the right is turned in a little more than the other.


She’s super-cute!

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Has anyone used half round glass eyes on her? I am struggling with buying the recommended size or sizing up…and did any of you use the oval glass?