Photos of AA babies

A friend had me take photos of her 3 month old granddaughter and also had her 3 week old great nephew there one day. I’ll post a couple but also have a link to photobucket for more if you want them ( … t=3&page=1). Long story short, the mama to her granddaughter lets very few photos get taken only on the condition that no one sees them. Driving the daddy (Teresa’s son) crazy that he can’t show off his daughter to friends and co-workers. No reason really other than the mama says no and she is just doing it because she wants it that way…no religious reason or something like that. Just cause. So I can share them on here because they don’t come on here. He even wanted them deleted off my phone in case Tiffany ever saw it. He is giving her a copy of them for Valentine’s Day and I think Teresa has a hard copy of them printed off. She knows they are on both my computers and my flash drive and her flash drive and my photobucket and she has no intentions of telling him that. Just in case the photos she printed out disappear like some that were on her son’s camera of her and the baby and another baby. Mama has big problems with jealousy too. But I can’t resist showing them off. They are so cute!!!

Such beautiful babies! Oh and that little face with the bow - wow, a real heartbreaker!

Beautiful babies. Marlen will “flip”!

Yes, I thought of Marlen when I was posting them! I figured she would love them!

Thanks so much for posting these beautiful pics. I will tuck them away in my gorgeous baby reference file.