Photography question for the experts here

As all of you probably know, my photos really suck. I have yet to post a picture of what my dolls really look like because the details are fuzzy, color is off, something is wrong.

So anyway, I dug this camera out, a Nikon D-40 and am trying to learn how to use it, but here’s my question: This thing is probably a dinosaur now. Is my cell phone camera (S7) better at this point because it’s newer? Should I focus on learning how to use that better? I’m totally confused.

My dad just got one of those and I started using it! I love it. It’s not the best camera there is but it’s definitely good.

Well that settles that. I’m just a crappy photographer, @DearBaby. :joy: I will start by cleaning the lens on my phone camera to see if that helps. That and maybe working on better lighting… i
noticed that details of my dolls seem washed out for lack of a better term, so when I post a pic, they kind of seem to look underpainted. Plus I notice that a lot of times the coloring looks off. Blues make look more purple ect. Hard to ask for advice when no one can really see what’s going on.

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