Photo shoot what should i use?

ok here are my pcs for photo shoot…Do i need a lot more variety?More color?

4Th poc isn unxropped not being used.


I would use as few props as possible to keep the attention on the baby. :slight_smile: She is adorable. Oh, maybe use a slightly contrasting colored background blankie or whatever (solid not print) to whatever she’s wearing. :slight_smile: Awesome job! :sparkling_heart:

Use that little Romper in the first picture. That is adorable and it shows all the babies limbs etc.

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I love all of them

ok thanks Ill use it. It is lightly used though why i asked before

Im not real observant need to fix her hair in a few… on end!

She isnt

She is cute I love her bonnet!


She’s absolutely gorgeous and her romper is very cute :heart:

Oh I love all of the out fits!!

I agree with Miss Kitty :slight_smile: plain colored backgrounds no prints. It can get too busy and distract the eyes. Textured backgrounds are fine :slight_smile: