Photo shoot lighting? Update

Ok I bought these. What do you think?

Before natural light

With the work light.
Just the work light light

The work light AND flash.

The work lights are on the warmer spectrum to my eye, rather than on full spectrum daylight. Can you get full spectrum/daylight bulbs to fit the work light? If so, that would be cool.
Of your pictures the ones that are th best are the ones in daylight with no flash nor enhancement from the worklight.
We have struggled and struggled here to come up with the right mix without having to payout a fortune and the ott or daylight bulbs seem to do the trick. Tom put them in the tin holders that look like a vet collar for a dog with mange. LOL Works well.
love your Kyle!

Your Kyle is looking GREAT! Love the natural light photos the best.

Thanks ladies!

I saw this light for $10 and thought what the heck, why not. Most of my free time for dollies are at night or early mornings…so I need a solution for photo shoots.

I tried reveal and daylight bulbs, but they didn’t really help much. I will seek out OTT full spectrum lights.

Glad you only spent $10.00… The photos with that like produced “jaundiced” results. Natural light looks best…

Too much shadow with the new lighting setup. You can try and light up your walls (if they’re white) with the thingie, that should disperse the light and the pictures could look more natural.

You can also, in the postproduction, set up your white balance, and the colors wouldn’t be so yellow. I’m not sure how to explain the process, but you can google it. For white balance setup, I use PhotoScape, a small, free program for editing photos. I love it