Photo of Christmas Advent Swap

Wanted to share a little of what I received (and gave) for the advent swap. I never got Debora’s mailed by accident so I added it to the photo. Thanks to all who made my christmas even better! Unfortunately, due to giving some things to Catherine (hairbows) and the kids putting stuff in the wrong places (doll room, not just somewhere in the house!) some of it is missing. Anyone better organized that can take a better photo? Still loved having fun both before and after our trip!

Thank you so much. I was in the process of sending the pics of Jans stuff and the beautiful crochet cap and I think maybe one more and lost them. Note to self do not do anything to pictures when you are taking decongestion medication

Here is the gifts I got from Lori I love it and I will attempt to make my own bodies now. Finger crossed. She send a stocking with candy and hand sanitize and an empty paint mix container and a zippered case and a body pattern, Thank you so much.

Next is a beautiful crochet cap sent by i am ashamed to say I can not remember!

I think now the only thing I have lost was the picture of the flowered onsie and red accessories to trim things with and I think was some sponges and other things! I am truly sorry I lost those pictures.

I was told you did the crocheted cap. I hate when I loose thigns

I loved everything but especially loved the feeling of connection to all of you. Just a warm fuzzy feeling! And that includes those of you that couldn’t participate in this swap. There is more fun to come!