I just made a rather large order this morning, paints, kits, bodies and what not. Now over half of what I ordered is on special deal. Frustrating, I probably could have saved $10-15. Ah well. Can’t win them all. LOL

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Maybe call them?

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Try not to feel too bad…I do know how you feel…I made an order for $86.78 and with the shipping and currency exchange rate to Australia it cost me $190.51…ouch!!!


HOLY OZ BATMAN! There is no way to get cheaper shippibg?

Oh wow. That shipping cost is outrageous. :frowning: Luckily I spent around $90 and with shipping it was only $104.

BB is one of the cheapest on their shipping but they do charge a minimum fee no matter what you order and it builds on that of course the more you buy…the bad thing is that the aussie dollar is down to 70 cent to the US dollar so that sort of adds another 3rd of the cost to your total…so for example if I spend $150 the currency exchange is going to charge me another $50 bucks so it gets a bit interesting after a while… I can only order from over there when it is absolutely necessary…lol (had a customer wanting a cozy custom bubs and no one has her over here at the moment so had to do an order for that so picked up a couple other $14.95 deals to make me feel better…lol)


That’s frustrating, Mystie. :frowning: