Persian & Asian kit recommendations, please <3

My nephew, Rowan (he looks mostly Persian to me, but he is a mix of black, white & Persian)

A little girl at Bunnyfest yesterday. She is bi-racial too: Asian/white with green eyes. Gorgeous!


Lulu maybe?

Exactly what I was thinking.

Beautiful babies!! But I don’t have any great suggestions.

Do they have to be bb kits? Shao by Adrie Stoete might work for the little girl. Doll by Sandie has her.

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I think I found the girl kit :slight_smile: I love this one:


BB Morgan

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Kimi Delange

Shao Stoete

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both good choices. I want Shao eyes and Kimi everything else.

I think Shao looks more Chinese and Kimi more Japanese. So I’m leaning towards Shao.

Sebilla Bos has several ethnic kits :slight_smile: