People think my doll is "terrifying"

I am making a doll for a coworker (I reborn very slowly as I have a full time job and am a single mom of a just turned 7 year old). So this is the same doll I have been working on for weeks.

Anyway, I bring her to work periodically to show her new mommy her progress.

3 other co-workers have seen her and say she is terrifying.

One said she is posting it on Facebook because she is so creepy, another lady was afraid to touch her.


Oh don’t even worry! Everyone says that about almost all of them. They think they’re creepy because we are good artists and the kits are so realistic. Just means you’re doing an awesome job. Don’t let them get to you. :heartpulse::heartpulse: He is looking beautifully real!


Yep, if they’re creepy, must mean you’re doing a good job. However, when I first started I thought the awake babies were creepy without eyes :eyes: in. I only did sleeping babies for the first 6-9 months because I didn’t want to see the kits without eyes. :joy:


I had a long time friend tell me that she couldn’t touch one of my reborns because she was sure it was searching for a soul to make it complete… I looked at her like…Are you kidding me…I didn’t really respond except to tell her that was silly… She seemed completely serious.

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Yeah maybe next time pop some temporary eyes in there and maybe they won’t be as creeped out😊


WOW!!! Terrifying is even better than creepy!!! :smile: Way to go, I’m soooo proud of you!!! I’ve said over and over that I strive for creepy but hey, you just raised the bar!!

Your baby is looking GREAT!!! :heart_eyes:

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Her hands are very well done. She’s looking beautiful. I take creepy as a total compliment.

She is lovely, my family thinks my dolls are creepy as well, and that’s when I know they look great. No worries just put in her eyes and she will be perfect. great job.

I WISH I could put temp eyes in (I don’t like the empty eye sockets either) but I don’t have any. I reborn very slowly ( I have been doing it for 8 years but only turned out 12 babies (13 with this one)- tho I also reborn Disney Animator dolls, and my daughter’s play doll, so I get more practice then “12 babies” would imply)

But anyway, I (as a lower income single mom) buy quality parts but only one baby at a time… I have a few extra bodies, and some extra mohair, but the only extra eyes I have right now are 22mm and she (he’s gonna be a she) takes 18 so that won’t help.

She (the co-worker) is buying all the peices, but she is buying them one peice at a time for cost reasons. She wants nice glass eyes, but I told her to wait till she was rooted as the rooting is very “bouncy” and I don’t want the eyes to get dislodged. (If they were front insert acylics I would have put them in by now).

Here is an example of not reborning /reborning I mentioned I have done more then actual reborning. But my daughter plays with these so they ate not as detailed.


I was informed that one of mine was freaky on Facebook the other day.I said well thank you,if she is freaky real enough to creep you out ,I guess I did a fabulous job on her. lol

To a reborn artist, having someone say your WIP is creepy or terrifying is a compliment. It means they can’t cope with the realism and you are doing a good job! Carry on and keep your head up, and don’t worry about taking it slow. Gestation for a reborn is hilariously flexible!

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@Emmy That blue eyed “not reborn” that you did is crazy cute! What kind of doll is she? Did you reborn a play doll?

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He was originally a Disney Animators Ariel from a thrift store. Kinda like this one:

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Those are beautiful! I’ve got four animator dolls myself. My friends and I are crazy about them. Id be afraid to customize them, though.

Your skintones are amazing. Nice job. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don’t take it to heart.

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