Penny by Natali Blick eye difference

Has anyone noticed that so

me Penny’s seem to have larger eyes than others? And if so, how do you enlarge eyes?


I think it’s the camera angel I have the kit and her eyes are fairly large. You can also use a larger size eye in the sockets a lot of artist’s go up a size from what is called for.


Could it be the eye size they’re using that makes the eyes look bigger/smaller?


I think (JMO) these eyes have been enlarged. The area under the eyes is smaller in the first picture than the second. I’ve done this with an X-acto knife but you have to be very careful not to take off too much at a time.


I think I see that in a lot of kits. The prototypes have small differences. Was wondering if it was just me seeing it??

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That seem to be a big difference.


I think she’s beautiful.

I think you are right. The eyes do look like they have been enlarged. If so the artist did a great job on it. There seems to be less “skin” under the eyes but it looks good.


It looks great!

I have looked at tons of pennys and see 3 different eye shapes. Big, small and eyes that sort of curl upward at the bottom like you might see on a downs baby. I’ve seen several that I would have thought were meant to be downs babies. Especially her right eye, my left. I’m pretty convinced there are different kits out there. I’m all right at recognizing effects or illusions and I don’t think that’s what it is.

I’ve been looking around some more too and I see the different eyes too. I sent a message to Natali on FB, but didn’t get a response. I’m disappointed, I was expecting the larger eyes.

You can open the eyes a bit if you stick cotton balls into the eyes (from the front…and I could only get about 1/2 way in)
as soon as you remove from the oven on the last bake…once they are cool…they will stay that way unless reheated!!!

I did this to Penny Blick and Nova Brace!!!

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… or you just put in the larger eyes while the kit is still hot and they will stretch the vinyl to the size needed.

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Thanks for your help Cherielynn, it works! Here’s how she turned out.


She’s so cute!!! :heart_eyes:

Great Job! I would love to see more photos of her. :slight_smile:

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OOPS…just now saw this…missed it somehow…
Your Penny is ADORABLE!!!

What Cherielynn said.

She is precious! A sweet sculpt and you’ve done a wonderful job with her!

Hello all, Its December 2018 and I just layaway-ed my first reborn, a Penny by Blick. And then when I was surfing other artists babies of Penny and noticed the eyes. My penny has large eyes. Does that mean she was prototype? And what does that mean exactly? Any help would be appreciated. I am posting a picture of the baby I am buying.


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