Pencils for creases?

How many of you use pencils (Prisma) or another brand, for creases? How do you make them stay on the vinyl? Do they last for good?

I’ve started trying that. I’ve not finished a doll yet, but as long as you don’t touch them, they stay! :laughing: The pencil just goes on. I go over it a few times.

It looks really pinky purple, but I’m hoping it blends a little with the last bits I put on. If not, oh well, the recipient won’t likely notice! I just need to find the perfect color for each skin tone!

What color do you use?

So how are you going to get them to stay? lol

That one is deep plum.

My bad, it’s crazart. It wipes off the same as prisma so I figured, why not? I’d def prefer it in prisma. I may when I go to Michaels. I’ll have to make a list of the cheapo I’m using to get the prisma.

When I seal I hope it stays hahaha! They’ve not rubbed off, because they’re not flush with the body or whatever.

I hope to seal tonight or tomorrow. Likely tomorrow.

When I mentioned using a black cherry primsa pencil for creasing I got a lot of negative comments for doing it. On the 1 did it on about 18 months ago it was sealed and still looks good. I really did not see the difference using it for creases or for eyebrows and hair.

I prefer pencil to paint as I can wipe off mistakes and it doesn’t go where I don’t want it to. I may have to look at that color too!

Why in the world would people make negative comments about that? So weird.

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