Peliar or Patricia by Pat Moulton

Has anyone ever done any kits by Pat Moulton? Another site is offering both Peliar and Patricia at great prices but I’m a little hesitant since I can’t find any photos of them online other than the stock ones. Is the price so low because no one likes them? Have you done any other kits by her? At under $25, it’s a great deal even if I’m not supposed to buy more kits!!

Chrissy, Kendall, Kyle, Anna are all Pat Moulton sculpts. I did Chrissy & didn’t care for the ears as they seemed like flat discs – very unfinished looking. Seems a lot of her work had that type of ear. Since there was no photo posted in your comment I went looking and the ears aren’t visible from the samples I found so I probably wouldn’t buy them myself, but the faces are very cute!

Where did you find them for that price? I found British sites showing them for more

D@@@@ S@ %eal has them for 24.95. and I also think the faces are very cute. The limbs are okay and nope I can’t find a picture of the ears either. I wish kit sellers would figure out that those little details are important to us. It’s a very good price if you’re willing to take a chance on the ears.

BB used to have Julia, now retired. I did two of her. It was ok. Not a lot of detail on the limbs.