Peeka by Bonnie Brown

Is this considered a reborn kit?. Or alternative human doll ? I am conflicted because it is not a real human baby face to me.

It is not at all typical of Bonnie’s usual style. It has that kewpie dolly look to me. Not one I will want but for those who like something unusual or fantasy looking it would be great. I can see it being a fabulous clown baby if @Gabriell got ahold of one of them.


I do not know myself, but based on the pictures I have seen I think pointed ears would place them firmly into fantasy for me. I think they’re a real cutie pie, but I haven’t seen the ears yet and it has me curious haha

This is an easy pass for me. Reminds me of Precious Moments sculpts.


Not human, just doll.

She is cute I think. But more for kids

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This kit is a easy pass for me

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I think this kit would motivate me to try a fantasy baby- she has some very sweet potential. I wouldn’t paint her realistically, though.


She’s cute :heart_eyes: I like her heart belly button


I think she looks like a Precious Moments because of how her eyes are placed. She looks a lot like this little one to me.

Repositioning them would give her a completely different look. Some real babies have those huge round eyes. Here’s a picture of her limbs.


I def want her she will be adorable

Right?! :heart_eyes:


The whites showing at the bottom of the eyes here was a big turn off to me. it is like her sockets are too big for her eyes. I wonder if they will be able to be positioned enough to fix that? Either way, she is a definite pass for me.

It is a pretty cute dolly face…

If I wasn’t on a kit diet I would totally paint it. I am just finished painting the alternative “holly” I made her green, kinda amphibian or troll-esque.

Super fun.


I think she’s adorable, but not in a reborn-doll way. I might paint her as an alternative doll sculpt, like a fairy or something like that.

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I’d paint her like the real baby above.

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Someone asked Bonnie, she’s just supposed to be a cute baby doll. I’ve never done an alternative but I feel like I need a dozen of her because I have so many ideas. Precious moment, ghost, puppet, the list goes on.


I ordered her, I’m doing her for my 5 year old granddaughter, I can’t imagine she will sell unless painted as a fantasy which I don’t do so I’m going to paint her normal