Pediatric nurses thought my dolls look like dead babies😯

I bring my dolls with me sometimes for buying clothes. I meet two nurses at two differents places with two differents reborns. Both work in pediatric and tell me they think my reborn look like dead or really sick baby because of their color, blue shade or wathever.

So, Is my baby missed some coloring to look alive, I really want to know ! I want them to look healty !

Please, any critique, advice ?


Thank you very much for those tips ! I will try that for sure !

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Oh wow, Susan. I did not pick up on the eyebrow thing. I saw something was off but didn’t know what. And gray for eyebrows is brilliant!

And I agree the coloring is nice.


Your baby is fine, and if you like the way your baby looks then it’s fine. My family does not like closed eyed babies because to them they all look deceased. Next time take an open eyed baby and see what they say.

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Thank you ,
They seem to be very disturbed by the blue undertone, especially on the second one (preemie ). The lady tell me if he was real at hospital, she will give hime barely no chances of surviving…

I take her opinion, as I want to improve.
But maybe I am wrong, I don’t know what to think now !

And yes, I will certainly remake those eyebrows !

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Sometimes being too realistic isn’t the right choice. For instance, a realistic looking preemie is going to look sick because most preemies are sick. Our choice is to go with realistic and turn some people off or not as realistic (preemie with newborn coloring) and turn others off. Basically for keepers, do what makes you happy and ignore the few bad comments in favor of the majority positive ones. For selling, realize that what makes one person happy may make another turned off. Fix obvious mistakes like the eyebrows being too high on the next doll. Each doll will improve. Sell the ones you don’t want even

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You’re right. I always look for the most realistic look possible, because it’s the main reason why I love reborns. And I am a perfectionnist .

The preemie is Poppy kit by Simon Laurens, only 14" , so yes, I think if he look sicks, it’s because I acheive some realism !

So far, I think they look better.

I love Kim’s tutorials, but warching and doing , it’s not the same !

I have added some blush too


Thank’s !
Lashes will be more complicate, as they are rooted and sealed, in a head attached to a body… not sure if I want to take it appart !

Babies with poor circulation have blue undertones and pediatric nurses are trained to look for very subtle color changes to help diagnose heart problems and other issues. If they criticized the coloring of your baby, the color may not seem off to anyone else. I’ve seen (and some are mine) plenty of reborns that have yellowish highlights that they would have probably said looked very jaundiced too and that they would have treated with phototherapy. Don’t forget that the fact that they even said your baby looked ill also implied that it looked very real!
I used to work as a nurse with newborns and know exactly what they are referring to, but I love to paint with lots of color and I like the way it looks when there are blue, violet, green, and yellow undertones. Do what you like and don’t let what they said get to you. Art can be different from real life and still look realistic and beautiful!


I feel better now ! Thinking about dead baby make me feel very sad (I have 3 healthy kids, thank’s God)
I really don’t want to create reborn that look deceased.

I never thought to make the brows grey. I always try to match the hair (and yes, I while off 12 times per brow). I will have to try that on my next baby!

Last baby is so cute