Pebbles Breedveld

I may possibly be doing a custom Pebbles Breedveld, and it appears this kit may be sold out everywhere. But Irresistibles shows her still on pre-order for $10 with kit expected in “September.” Do you think that Irresistibles just forgot to mark her as “sold out”? Or is it possible there are still some left? Wasn’t she sold last year? Thanks!

You might try adding her to your cart and seeing if it lets you check out. Maybe they ordered extra? Macpherson does that sometimes.

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Thanks, mamadar82!

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Good luck!


I am still waiting on her from Macpherson’s… They told me that they are waiting on a supplier from the UK…Seems the last Petra’s husband referred them to this place…!!..Got in touch with them by phone over a week ago and they were supposed to contact the husband and the company in the UK again…!! Haven’t heard back yet.!

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