PAYPAL outsourcing back ground checks

So last nite I was on phone with PP- with two different people. I had an issue with receiving funds here and on Ebay. Paypal is outsourcing their background checks so several errors in the histories- for example they had my maiden name in the security section, but I have had the same name for 10 years and Paypal account only since 2010. So you may want to check out your account. Also if you are not completely “verified” with your bank account there can be receiving problems… I got the feeling that they aren’t even sure what the problems are yet, but hoping to let people know in case you had the problem I did.
Another example is in the security questions they said I was associated with a Timothy Covey- like married to him. I said no that is not my ex- hubbys name. However I do get a Timothy Coveys mail- lol. So if something gets in the public record, it becomes part of your record. Very odd!!


Thanks for the info! I’ll have to look at my account. My bank account is connected and verified.

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that seems odd. I will look closely at mine. Thanks for the info.

I had an issue with them yesterday, too.

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