I am having pay pal issues. GRRR! Is it just me?

Yep, just you!!! I have no idea what problem you are having. So far, paypal and I get along fine…photobucket and I on the other hand are mortal enemies! I don’t know why photobucket hates me but it started the war!

What is the problem with Paypal? So far they have great customer service.

I have a problem too. I’ve withdrawn some funds to my valid Visa, and today I’ve gotten an email that it cannot be completed. My funds and fee haven’t been refunded to my Paypal balance. Needless to say, I’m pretty angry. Sent them an email, received a blooddy automatic response and had to send it again. No response so far >:(

I am having log in issues

Ludmilla, it’s a debit card, a Visa, and I’ve checked it’s status - it says it is OK to withdraw funds to it. So I don’t get how it’s not and why didn’t they already transferred. I mean, I was able to get my funds on it before, so what’s the deal with that >:(

I was trying to pay my bill me later bill which of course is thru paypal. I could not get logged in to make my payment.