Paypal Claim Problem -

Bobbie Pridemore from Kentucky asked me if I would make her a Kai reborn for $535. She gave me a deposit of $100. She saw the one I had sold on and fell in love. So, I ordered the kit ($119) and a week later she said she couldn’t go through with the payments. She asked if I would try to sell the kit and refund her the $100. I said yes I have no problem doing that. Than she emailed me and asked me to hold onto the kit and she was going to figure out a way to make the payments and that was the last I heard from her. That email was dated 8/30. The emails hadn’t been going through . I don’t have a baby to list on so I let my acct expire on the 7th. (when I have one to list I’ll just pay to open my acct again) So last night I got notice from Paypal that a dispute had been opened on the $100 pymt she made saying she never received the item she paid for. In her explanation she said she had emailed me on the 7th that she wanted a refund or the kit and got no reply from me so she went to paypal and opened the dispute. I never received and email from her and repiled to her that the kit actually cost me $119 and it would probably be $15 to ship it to her. So, I thought she would offer to pay the $19 and shipping. But no, she escalated the dispute to a claim. Now Paypal has to decide what to do. I just explained it all to paypal. I wonder what they will do. I don’t have $100 to give to her as I spent in on the kit and she needs to give me the balance owed on the kit plus shipping before I’ll send it to her. What do you think will happen? Oh, yes, this is my last custom order - I’ve been doing them for 17 years and have had only 2 problems and rather than argue over it I refunded them both. I would have no problem refunding Bobbie this time too if she would allow me to sell the kit or pay me the balance due on the kit so I can send it to her. If paypal decides in her favor than my paypal acct will just sit there in the negative until I sell something I guess.


Thanks Amethyst, I said in my reply on paypal that I could send them all emails from her is that is what they want. Hopefully they will ask for them.

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So sorry this mess happened. Don’t forget to let us know how it turns out.

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Thank you grandian, I will.

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What do you accept for payment if you don’t accept PayPal? I didn’t think there were really any other options.


Do you know if offers the Stripe option as a payment option for the buyers?

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I will check it out, thank you.

Yes! They are usually more trouble than they are worth. :grimacing::confused:


What stinks is- no matter how you accept payment, the buyers usually link their card or bank. And they can always do a chargeback through their bank or credit card company, which also happens much too often. It’s really hard to navigate claims like that, I hear, as a seller the buyer is almost always more well protected and favored. I have heard a lot of horror stories not just with customs but with any selling situation, where for no reason at all customers will do chargebacks or file claims with PayPal and get to keep their item and get their money refunded. These situations are exactly why I have yet to sell a doll, because I’m terrified it will happen to me.

Have you called Paypal and talked with someone personally? I had a problem once and when I finally called them, the person looked over all of the emails and screenshots of conversations that I sent in. He sided with me on the spot and fixed the problem. In my case the customer did a charge back with her credit card company and claimed she had not received the dolls.
If you have an e-mail or message of some sort with your agreement with her, they will be able to see the case for what it is and will likely side with you.

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Yes, I agree Sony72, I won’t be doing customs any longer. It’s so much easier to just make a baby and list it.

i have been so lucky for 17 years with very few problems. But the fear that you never know when someone is going to do a chargeback is not fun.

Lollipop_cradle, I will look for a phone number to call them. Thanks!