Paying macphersons

So I placed an order on layaway last week. I got the invoice two or three times but no broken up payment plan. No way of even making a payment of any kind! I havent had this happen before. I emailed them about it. I dont want them thinking I’m a flake out not going to pay! :frowning: Still nothing. So i tried to call today and it sent me to a voicemail. Anyone have this happen? I dont want them to put my orders back on the shelf or think I’m not following through with payments.


They send all three invoices at once. They all have different expiration dates. They do that just in case you decide to pay them off early.


I’ve had huge communication problems with them (on their end) so don’t worry about looking flaky. Try Brenda’s Facebook.

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Finally got the payment schedules with pay buttons today. Whew! Thanks ladies!

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No problem! Glad you got things settled =)

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