Pay Pal money on hold

I sold my Laila cuddle, i shipped it this past Monday buyer received it Thursday. I showed tracking. Paypal says my money is on hold for 24 hrs after buyer received it. Now there saying on hold until October 14th.
Any ideas why ?

I’d call them.

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I guess i could, i really dont like them holding it when ive done every right

PayPal releases hold 24 hours AFTER delivery. So once you ship and it is delivered it will release. It is 21 days if you don’t provide tracking info.

Btw the way there is a way around it. You can have your buyer confirm the receipt in the transaction 48 hours after the purchase. There’s usually a little button that pops up for them after 48 hours that says confirm receipt.

I have been told lately PayPal has been holding funds if receive a certain amount per month can’t remember the amount.

I did show tracking, and she received it Thursday.

Is your bank account liked to your PayPal account?


Call PayPal. If it showing delivered, they will release it immediately. Its supposed to be automatic but sometimes it’s not and you have to give them a call. Do you require signature? Requiring signature is the best way to go.

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This happened to me as well when I opened a new PayPal account. I had been using my husbands name and then when I opened my own the same thing happened with me.

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I opened my own about 7 month ago and sold many dolls and made purchases and never had a problem. I did have to wait until tracking showed delivery and that was fine with me but this is nutts. I did call today and got no where. Didnt get to talk to a person, it was like a text. I explained the situation and all i got was, it may be because its a new account. And that it can take up to 21 days. And then they ask if i want to talk to representative, i say yes, then thwy say they are busy goodbye