Pay-it-forward surprizes from Debra

I was having a really bad day last week when the mail lady drove up with a goody box that I wasn’t expecting. Debra had sent me her pay-it-forward package and it couldn’t have come on a better day. I’d been sick and also dealing with a neighbor that was needing someone to talk to for hours a day. Lots of stuff from candy (yum!), a tutu with beads and roses, a onesie and a little blanket. Thanks, Debra, God had you send it at the perfect time!

I will never understand the photo editing. I sized all three the same size on photobucket, yet they are all different sizes on here…

How wonderful! That is so great

I am so glad it came in at a time you needed it. It seems some times things come when you need them most. I am so glad the things helped cheer you up. Hugs to you. I have not had the money to send all my pay it forwards all at once and am having to do this a couple at a time.