Patty Playpal eyes

I bought a Patty Playpal and her eyes are green and very shiny. Almost spooky. Her legs are also somewhat smaller than my other Patty Playpal. Can anyone help me to understand the difference?

My mom has several of the play pals and said that it could be the eyes and legs were replaced with a “companion’s”

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Would you be willing to post photos?

I agree with PHehn. It’s not uncommon at all for playpals to have pieces replaced from companions/clones as they’re cheaper and easier to find and part out. I have a doll with a playpal head on a Uneeda body in my collection.

You could always pull her apart and see what’s going on in that head! Just to warn you- Patti has a giant spring inside. It’s absolute hell to get off. If it’s there, it likely means the eyes are original. If it’s not, they could have been replaced. She also has an extremely hard plastic cover on the back of her eyes. If that’s missing/cut away, that’s another indication her eyes have been replaced.

To be noted though- Patti’s eyes have a tendency to rust strangely. It’s entirely possible they’re original and just aging too! Please post a picture of you can!

Here is my pic of her eyes. She was sold to me as a Patty Playpal. I have discovered there is no Ideal or G-35 on her neck. I assume now she is a clone. What is your opinion?

Here is a pic of her eyes. I have since realized she has no Ideal or G - 35 on her neck. Is she a clone?

Definitely a clone. The eyes do look off. It’s hard to say for sure without pulling her apart, but I’m leaning towards them having been replaced at some point. Those eyes remind me of the bulk eyes I bought off of wish many years ago. They seem especially cheap and are a bizarre color.

I really hope you didn’t get swindled and paid the Patti price for her… Clones can be found for around $60-$100. Where as Patti in decent condition usually starts around $200.

Thanks for your response. Even though she was sold as Patty Playpal, I only paid 61. plus 22 shipping. I have another legit one and paid 242. so all in all it is ok.


Whew! Glad you got her for a good price! Clones are beautiful in their own right! I have two, and a hybrid. I’m fond of the uneeda face, myself! :relaxed:

I need to replace my patty playpal’s eyes does anyone know how big I need to get and where can I buy the ones that open and close. My dad gave me this doll 63 years ago.