Patience body?

Has anyone used body 7542 for Patience? How did it look? I can’t find any info on this body. I had it marked originally for Johannah, but this is also one of the recommended bodies for Patience. Will it be too small?

Do the thighs even fit? Lol

I cant remember what I used but pretty sure a bigger one. lol

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I’m pretty sure I used a bigger body than recommended too. But I don’t remember what size.

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I used 647, she wore size 3 mo clothes


Here’s the recommended body. If I had another one on hand, I’d get a longer one. But since it is for a gift, it is good enough for me. 0/3 is a little big in the sleeper but ok in the onesie. She’s so cute though :two_hearts: her eyes are not set yet. Have to glue eyes and magnet and all of those tedious final things…ugh now I don’t know… maybe I will have to buy another body… but I don’t want to :weary:


It works! I actually like babies to wear clothes that are a little big, makes them even sweeter.


And easier to move their limbs


She is so pretty Karen!

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Thank you, Angie! :two_hearts: I loved painting her.

That body looks great on her!

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That body with clothes on looks good!

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Thank you, Yelena! I was happy with it.

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She looks good in the blue sleeper to me. Looking at her nakie, I would stuff the chest area a bit more but that is a preference. It would make her fill out her body a bit more though.

I use 21in #3773. My version of Patience


Yes I am planning to stuff a little more. Just trying to get an idea of things. I think the chunkier body looks better, but I’m just gonna use what I have since it looks presentable. Thanks everybody for your input :two_hearts:

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I found a 22” body in my stash so I might see how that looks…

I would have use @kareninflorida body as I prefer the arms to look a little longer on a body and it seems fatter, like her head. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love your patience, shes so sweet.

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Thank you, Rosa, I loved painting her :two_hearts:

So I put her on a different body. It says 22” from dolls so real. I think it looks better. I haven’t tried all of the clothes yet but the body suit is 0/3 and she can still wear it. Everything is still temporarily attached- I will be making adjustments, rooting lashes and setting eyes. What do you all put behind the eyes to get them to stay where you want them. These eyes seem to want to move around a bit and not stay flush…