Partial silicone plus Part of silicone

I’ve a question that i have from months, If I buy a blank silicone kit, (partial) then let paint by an artist for me, can she do the Part of the "body"in silicone for unite at the limbs? So it become a ‘full silicone and not partial’.??
And if is yes, who can do it?

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I don’t think that is possible, but I’m not sure

As far as I know, in order to get a full body silicone, it has to be poured in one piece. So while you may be able to get a silicone belly plate, you can’t turn a partial into a full body


I don’t think it’s possible, either. I’ve never seen one that wasn’t a partial or poured in one piece. There would be no way to attach the limbs like there is on a cloth body.


I don’t know any artist who would paint limbs, sculpt a torso, mold and cast into silicone, paint, then join together. Technically it could be done as silicone sticks to silicone, but why would you? The areas where it would be joined would have to be patched up, and even then there are no guarantees it would look that great since that is a skill in itself… you are better off buying a full body silicone if that’s what you want.


I never heard of anyone doing that. Why not just buy a full silicone in the first place?

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No this cannot be done.
The best you can get is to put it on a cloth body and get a silicone belly plate to go with it.

Agreed with everyone above— it would definitely be more expensive to do that than to just buy a full body silicone. The torso would have to be custom sculpted, cast, and poured, and even if the artist could patch the ridges in the ends of the limbs and sil-poxy the pieces together, they’d still have to neutralize the base colors. And then there’s the question of whether the original sculptor would approve of essentially “collaborating” with someone else without prior approval.

@anjsmiles ‘s solution is a good one. There are lots of sculptors who sell blank silicone plates of various sizes


The full silicones always seem to be poured in one piece from what I have seen so if you get a partial it will have the cloth body. I dont know if you can get silicone belly plates though.

If you did this wouldn’t the limbs be at a serious weak spot where they join the body? Silicone looks really easy to tear at at the best of times without being all joined together.

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@Elena I don’t know anything about Silicone but I commend you for thinking outside the box! :hugs: