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I am in total agreement with you on this.

The jury is still out on this for me but I still believe they can be used well. As I mentioned before, I have seen April Yap’s work with them and there is colors that are the right hue if applied correctly. She is mixing the powders with the blending powder on a glass plate to get the right hue and then applying them to the doll.

Based on the doll example that was shown here before I would not have pursued the PanPastels myself either but I have played around with them enough to know they are workable to get a softer color if you have the patience to do so. Like I said though, they are not for everyone just like anything else. Methods and like/dislike of products vary for each person.


I like them, but am not able to use much of it on my dolls because I like really soft colors. If they ever came up with the color palate that I need (probably shades and tints of colors that are commonly used), I would absolutely love this product.


Thank you @anjsmiles! I enjoy reading your “reviews” on products! I’m still very much teetering on air dry vs sticking with Genesis. For the the faster time is appealing but then I read it has to cure several days/weeks and I’m like well that’s not faster at all! Lol and just when I see a soft beautiful baby and people love how the “skin” feels with air dry I say ok I’m gonna do it! And then I’ll get busy and leave my pallet or jars of paints laying there with Genesis and come back a day or two later, add a little more thinner and they are good as new! So I think gosh that’s out with air dry… Sigh… I can’t make up my mind and it’s a lot of money and time to switch… Waaah lol!

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I don’t think I posted this here yet but I got April Yap’s permission to show you her testing pieces. As you can see her coloring is not stark and it looks very well blended. I am quoting her here:

I purchased 3 more colors to try. I got magenta extra dark because it looks like a darker version of red wine. I also got violet extra dark thinking it may work well in place of the eyelid purple/black mix I like to use for creating separation between fingers and toes that are fused. It also helps create separation in eye lid creases and mouth. They both work perfectly! When mixed with the blender the magnet dark looks very much like fine wine when applied to creases and the violet extra dark works just as I had thought.

Both limbs shaded with the magenta and the one on the left has the dark violet between toes

Tested the burnt sienna shade on my messed up biracial summer raine kit and I used it straight with no blender. It looks great and goes on so much smoother than any other powder I’ve tried


Wow lovely color!

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Thank you! I have always loved testing products and blogging about them and anyone who knows me is aware I have done this kind of thing for years. Because I was posting Youtube videos about PanPastels I got accused of following others just to learn their methods so I could teach them elsewhere. Nothing could be further from the truth! It was very hurtful to me after I have been supportive and gracious to others even when I did not always approve of their behavior. I do not paint my babies specifically the way anyone else teaches.

Over the years I have developed my own way of painting that works for me and I am very proud of my work. I am interested in using pigment powders as enhancements but reborn artists were doing that way back when I was first starting in 2004 only it was not with eye shadows. Some used loose pigments and chalk pastels even back then. Others favored pigment inks. I have seen some use oil pastels and so on. Many were using make-ups back then to paint dolls as well and some did not hold up well over time. It is trial and error sometimes. I always encourage anyone who wants to test and play with products to do so. However, I also realize not everyone has the time or extra expense for that. I am a strong believer in telling people to work with what works for them that they feel comfortable with. NEVER let anyone tell you there is only one way to paint a doll or that their way is the only “right” way. When people start making statements like that it reminds me of a cult. Those who are interested in helping others are not threatened by people with varying opinions and methods nor do they feel the need to rant about their perceived knowledge. I am so happy to see others be successful and celebrate with each and every one of you the uniqueness that is your own art. So if you don’t feel comfortable changing anything you do or investing more money in anything I say wait it out. Everyone has to do what feels right to them. I love Genesis painted babies and have made lots of them over the years. I can’t say one is better than the other. It is what works best for you.

Happy Baby Painting!! Dolly Hugs


You’re so sweet and wonderful! I agree! I just can’t seem to make that plunge… It’s like for every positive I find a negative, which is true of anything I just wish I could jump on in and go for it! I really like the idea of the acrylics posted here the liquitex paints… I guess I’m just overwhelmed by all the info and mixtures and sealants etc

Gorgeous coloring! Love that Summer Raine arm!!!

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I TOTALLY appreciate your helpful advice and have recommended buying your air dry beginner tutorial to people already! You are a life saver!

April did a wonderful job didn’t she? :thumbsup:


Oh my goodness! Yes! Looks so real!!! I love the softness and shading!! Absolutely stunning :heart_eyes:

She sure did! I love her creases.

Look at April Yap’s beautiful Prototype baby!
She told me she used PanPastels on this baby for some of the detail work.
As you can see it is fabulous!


Beautiful! :two_hearts:

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