Paints, Will no longer be available!

Major Announcement

The Miracle Blend Air Dry Paints are being Discontinued.

                 ON SALE NOW - While they last.

As most of you know, Wendy Hill, who took over the MB Business last year,

failed to continue with the business. It is a shame.

I placed a very large order last April, I never received my paints and lost my money.

 I am not the only company that lost to Wendy, when she failed to send out paid orders.

Miracle Blend Paints and Ultra Fusion Paints are compatible with each other.

    Designed and produced by Lisa Sylvia.

On Sale NOW

Reveive an automatic 10% Off our already low prices for MB Air Dry Paints.

                   Just put the items in your cart!!

Plus we are offering a FREE 1 oz Tube (Our Choice) with every 5 tubes purchased .

This Offer is good WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

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Oh no! Glad I use Liquitex and you use Golden. :smile: @Skylar


:rofl: i don’t use either one, but thought I would share just in case someone else does!


Oh no, I’ve always used miracle blend!
So is ultimate fusion also going away, or not?
It’s quite hard to get air dry paints in my country, miracle blend was the only one that seemed okay to me. Ugh.

I’m not sure. I just shared what they posted on their site!

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Okay, thanks!
I normally buy from Adrie Stoete’s website. All miracle blend paints are discounted there as well, but there’s no explanation why.
They now have ultimate fusion as well, but it’s not discounted so I’m assuming that that’ll stay.
Guess I’ll stock up on miracle blend while it’s cheap.


Well, I ordered all the paints I use and added an extra kit from Adrie. I blame you. :rofl:


I’m guilty as charged!:rofl::blush:

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Great info!

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I have been trying my hand at mixing my own colors. It’s going all right, but the consistency is different. It always seems to turn out more blotchy. I just work better with miracle blend.

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