Painting Tutorial for Lighter Babies

In relation to something @westernstarr mentioned the other day, about painting lighter babies, when someone mentioned their babies turning out darker or browner than intended. I’ve had this problem lately, and I think it’s because I think the baby is too pale and then add too much burnt umber wash. They end up darker than I want, in the end, although my earlier dolls were not like that so much. So, I found this tutorial a while ago and wanted to share it. It allows for room to do what you like to do, but helps to get a fairer skinned baby. So, thought I’d share it in case you haven’t seen it before. :slight_smile:

Link deleted because her site has expired and an Asian porn site is now in its place. :frowning: The link was to Andrea’s Dream Babies.


I’d like to try it with my next baby.

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Thank you!

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