Painting through it

So I decided to paint heavy browed Daisy, thought I would make her ethnic, then she turned orange, then she turned grey, then purple, then chalky…wanted to give up.

I was thinking, “damn I am not good at this, I should be good at this, I am an artist, it’s a doll, this is not rocket science…but I may need to admit defeat”

Then I started thinking maybe I would join the Zombie squad make cute scary dolls.

When I started this I was “whoot, whoot, I love babies, I love dolls, I am creative, how hard can this be lets buy everything and do this!”

Today I was less confident.

The harder I try the more odd it gets. I have nothing to compare to. The photos online don’t show the details, the real details people who are making these dolls are interested in, like the red way-up-close on fingertips and are the creases in feet suppose to be messy under a magnifier, is this chalky, blue, too orange?

I sure wish we all lived closer and could do some serious critique.

Seven bake-that-baby later I think she is coming together, I think, under the ott light she looks a little more brown and not so uneven (thank goddess for blue wash). She’s beautiful or a hot mess, can’t tell, may have inhaled too much thinner and hot vinyl.

I want to be good at this if only to to be good at this, (my type A may be showing a little).

To you ladies who have been doing this for years and do it well hats-off-to-ya. This is hard work and it requires so much skill and patients. If i hopped on this forum with too much attitude I apologize, I have been humbled.


Aaaw. Don’t give up. It’s really fun when you get the hang of it. One of the first ones I did I put in a consignment store for sale. It didn’t sell so I took it home and put it away. About a year later I took it out and was absolutely mortified that I had expected anybody to pay money for it. lol. I stripped it and redid it. So much better.


It’s not so easy is it?? I sympathize with you, lately I have been second guessing myself on just about everything. One of those things is color for lips-----I never used to have this problem. Then it’s something else, and something else again, over and over and over. Somedays I want to give up, then I look at the cute babies and decide I better keep going, I will be good at this one day!! God willing and the creek don’t rise!!


Don’t give up if you love it! It’s not an easy art, but it’s so rewarding! For myself… I’m trying to find a niche in a sea of reborn artists… Not easy…

It’s a talent that’s for sure! You will get there!