Painting steps

Hi Everyone!! I have the Olive kit and my Nuwave oven came today. I washed the kit with soap and water, and it’s dry, May I ask what paints to start with. I’ve watched so many videos and read so many tutorials that I’m just so confused and don’t know where to start. I have the flesh and baby skin, but I have seen others do veining and mottling first ugh. I’m afraid to start her lol

You can start with whichever step is most comfortable for you…as you reborn, you’ll start to form your own order of steps lol. You can get a tutorial or follow “Custom Reborn Baby” free tutorial on YouTube :smiley:


Thank you Both so kindly!!! <3

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Here’s a free online tutorial by Rachel Maynard that I use. She tells step by step how she does it.