Painting hair for the first time

I want to start painting hair and was wondering what tips you would give for a beginner? Where do I start? Also thank you so much for everyone being so helpful!


Google pictures…either of REAL baby hair…or hair painting on a reborn doll…pick what you like and study it. Save it to your phone or computer for reference.

start painting with very light strokes…so if you don’t like it…it’s easy to cover up or change.

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I am also new on reborning in general, working on my first baby. I will recommend watching “Sweet Potato Pie Nursery” on YouTube. She is an expert on hair painting in my opinion. Good luck!


thank you! any certain reborn artists to use for inspiration?

@Gabriell has a great tutorial on her YouTube channel
Here is a Link


so this is where I am at…
Suggestions? I would love to get others opinion
Also she is a booboo baby and was previously rooted, that is why there are holes in her head, I thought it would be good to start with a test piece

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