Painting. Detailed vs painting light detailing

As I learn to paint dolls.I m also learning that sometimes enough is enough…I look at some of the customers with their babies.And many seem plain…and not over detailed.And I believe its by choice.And they be super proud of their dolls.That is one thing I like to see .When someone is happy with a doll…


That’s a big problem for me. I don’t know when enough is enough. I want it perfect the first time. Maybe not even the first but the finished product at least. That’s why i have only churned out a handful so far. I’m getting better though. I stopped myself a couple of times and thought I’d leave it be until near the end. Maybe all the other details will blend together and I might not even miss what was hanging me up.


I dont even need to add a ton of layers of paint…since i have changed the way i start the kit i have found that i maybe only apply 2 thin washes of flesh before adding the finer details such as creases.when i start off making my babies i will use maybe 4 or 5 layers of mottling , which i use yellow, red, blue, red again, and a touch of eyelid purple. That is my base colors and then maybe 1 or 2 thin flesh washes. Gives the undertones the nice under the skin look :smiley: