Painting and rooting service

Does anybody offer them and how much are they? I am not happy with how the doll I tried to fix has turned out at all. For some reason giving it brown eyes, new eyelashes and hair has made it look like a more expensive Ashton Drake doll rather than a baby. I’m really dissapointed with it. I’m going to sell it and get another baby kit I like better but as I can’t paint or root I wondered if I could get that done by someone?

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What kit is it?

This one:

I just want a basic paint job and rooting in dark/baby brown. I will fill, weigh and assemble myself and do the eyes with the blue-grey ones I got for the first baby as they are the same size. Plus I’d just like a go at making up a reborn myself, at least the parts I can do anyway :blush: .

Are you in the US?

You can see my work on my website.


No, I’m in the UK. I was hoping to find someone on here whose also in the UK as I think the shipping costs from the US would unfortunately be too high with the vat and import duty.

I think so, too, but that’s a really sweet kit.