Painted eyebrows

Well I have been practicing with pencil and paint on a test head.
Pencil seems to go ok although i bought chocolate at hobby lobby didnt see darker must have been out had a sale anyway it looks like a redheads hair not brown .but seemed to look pretty good except the color.Then used burnt umber genesis paint i had here already to practice eyebrows
That im not doing so well.
Cant get the hairs sharp without using too much paint… and seem to be using too much thinner to get them very light like babies are. so it speads out no matter how light i paint…My thinner is hardware store thinner.
Any suggestions?

Sorry, no answers fro me for I am struggling, too.

Someone on another thread said they painted or drew on and textured How do you texture eyebrows?

I’ve only ever don’t penciled brows. I think you put a glaze over them after they’re baked to make them look textured. Not 100% on that though.

Thanks I just had no idea… do it like a textured oil painting then i guess?

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I think so. Maybe search texture eyebrows and make sure. Good luck!

there is a video somewhere on YouTube…the lady is using tick medium a toothpicks

Try using Genesis Thinning Medium instead of liquid thinner. You can also search the threads for eyebrow info…there’s a lot. :slight_smile:

Thanks Amy i have some of that someplace .If i can find it i will try it

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Thanks Andi… that makes sense