Paint rubbing off?

One of my customers has sent me photos of her daughter’s baby and the paint is rubbing off of her toes badly and her fingers a bit as well. . This is the Daisy kit. Daisy’s mommy is a 9 year old who takes excellent care of her but also takes her everywhere she goes. She’s only had her for a couple of weeks so this should not have happened . I do recall having trouble with the toes when I painted her. Apparently the paint just didn’t stick to these areas well. I am getting Daisy back on Friday to fix this. Any ideas why this happened and how I can prevent it from happening again?

The only time I have had this happen before is on my Presley awake who was painted with GHSP by another artist. I haven’t fixed Presley yet so I would appreciate any suggestions for fixing her too. :slight_smile:

it happened to one I did for a little girl, I just put extra matte varnish, repainted and varnished again. I think that helped :blush:, not sure the cause unless oils from their hands may rub it off faster

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I agree ~ and then heat the matte varnish 3x, cooling between bakes, so it cures really well. I always have trouble with toes, it seems. :confused:


I use air dry paints. should I get some heat set varnish and heat set it too?

Ohhhh…gosh…I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about air dry :frowning2:

Im not sure either, but I think itd be ok for toes

Wash the area well to be sure there are no oils on it. Then prime it with something to seal it. I find the RebornFX primer works well. If you do not have that, I have also used the Liquid Matting medium from Golden that says it can be used as a ground for painting. Liquitex has one in their line as well. Let primer dry at least a couple hours before painting. Once you have repainted, seal the areas well. RebornFX has a new sealer that is called 2 in 1 sealer. It can be used on both air dry and Genesis paints. It works VERY well to seal. When it dries, it forms a plastic like layer over the vinyl. It has a dewy look to it like most air dry varnishes, not totally matte but does work well. Let sealer dry for 48 hours before sending the doll back.


I use powders to stain the vinyl, then seal.

Thanks ladies. I posted on another forum and got basically the same answers. Fortunately I have what I need on hand to fix this baby. I hope!


Do you think the reborn fx seals better than deco art soft touch (blue label) and also do you think it’s just as smooth or does it have any grit to it? I did wind up buying the emulsion and diluent after I bought a couple of the premix paints. You were right they are very intense also. Thanks!

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Hi Angie,
I have the Liquitex matte gel. Is that what you’re referring to in the Liquitex line?
Here is the description from their website
Recommended as a translucent ground (size), for acrylic paint with excellent tooth and adhesion, as an alternative to gesso. Will allow some color and texture of the support to show through. Use as a substitute size for the hide glue size traditionally used for oil paintings.

Yes, I do think the 2 in 1 Sealer from RebornFX is better than the Deco Art. The 2 in 1 is made specifically to bond to vinyl.

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That will work as well since it states it can be used as a ground. The one I have is this one:

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Thanks again @anjsmiles